Francisco "Bobby" Soto
I solve more problems than I create.


I am a dad, write code, use emacs, think about startup ideas, build them, brew and drink beer, lift weights, play guitar, read a lot and own a bar.

Work Experience

July 2015 – December 2018
Sr. Software Engineer

I maintained and developed backend systems all throughout Carezone. Both user facing (the api server for our mobile applications ) and multiple internal systems.

As growth increases I helped to optimize our current systems, from SQL queries, to efficient memory consumption to efficient algorithms and data structures to keep up with current (and future) demand.

Hello Code
April 2014 – May 2015
CEO / Cofounder / Backend Engineer

We built Chopeo, a multi-tenant, inexpensive and easy to use eCommerce platform with the goal of empowering microbusinesses in Mexico.

As CEO and founder I provided the company vision and helped growth the company with that vision and our values.

The company assets were acquired by dub5 (linkedin) on February, 2016.

As the lead backend engineer I designed and implemented the architecture, backend, deployment strategy and provisioning for our servers. The stack was Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Javascript, and Common Lisp.

Open source contributions:

Spire Global, Inc (previously NanoSatisfi)
August 2013 – November 2013
Spacecraft Software Engineer

As a Spacecraft Software Engineer my role was to build software operating NanoSatisfi satellites.

For the 2nd-gen CubeSat ArduSat2, I built the firmware that controlled in the radio communications module. I improved vendor supplied code to support our communications and ground-satellite file transfer protocols.

For the 3rd-gen satellite, Lemur-1, I built a linux daemon that was the primary process monitoring and controlling the rest of the satellite's modules. The microcontrollers were all ARM. We developed in C with FreeRTOS for Ardusat2, and embedded Linux for Lemur-1. Our build tools were Python based.

Open source contributions:

February 2013 – June 2013
Sr. Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer my role involved adding and improving features and fixing bugs all over Expensify's stack.

I worked on Expensify's single page application, jQuery and Javascript. I worked on the backend (integrations, web/mobile api, data consumption) which was written in PHP.

I also had the opportunity to improve Expensify's database and email deamons, custom built in C++ and were designed specifically for Expensify's security and performance needs.

I also was the company's SQL guru. I optimized and improved queries all across the board. As an example, I fixed a long running analytics exporting script to take ~20 minutes instead of ~18 hours.

Open source contributions:

April 2009 – December 2012
Software Engineer / Engineering Manager

I worked with INgrooves's enterprise-level end-to-end, automated digital supply chain system for the distribution and administration of digital media assets.

My most significant contributions:

  • Manage small technical teams and write significant parts of the code in two major, years long, projects.
  • A system in charge of ingesting metadata and files of digital content. The system was scalable and reliable. It had to ingest content 24/7. Any disruption in the service at critical times, like christmas, would mean millions of lost revenue.
  • A scalable and reliable ETL system in charge of ingesting the metadata and distribution rights for digital media. The SLA for this system was severe and it was met with flying colors and room to spare.
  • Improve the stability, code quality and scalability of our underlying platforms and systems.

The stack was Microsoft's. MS SQL Server, C# and .NET. Also C++ and Python for tooling.

Open source contributions:

August 2008 – September 2009
Sr. Software Engineer

The most significant project I worked on was an online "haggling" SaaS application, Fididel. The backend was PHP/Zend/MySQL and the frontend was only jQuery.

We used XMPP as the protocol for commucations. We used ejabberd, COMET and Javascript. I wrote the client protocol implementation in Javascript.

The online web-based chat worked in every browser with no downloads nor plugins required which was quite a feat at the time.

Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Ingeniería Avanzada (CIDIA)
February 2006 – August 2008

I worked on:

  • I managed the team and contributed to a bovine carcass meat grader application. Using computer vision and image processing it could detect and measure the features required for grading using the Mexican standards. This system has been published in magazines, newspapers, and was invited to the national fair science hosted by the Mexican Senate during September, 2007.
    It is still actively used by state slaugterhouses and meat distributors.
  • An image processing application with filters, formatting and data analysis as a research tool for a 2D image to 3D rendering optical profilometry project.
  • A software interface for a temperature/humidity sensors used inside an industrial computer system. It measured, logged and ultimately powered the system off in the case of leaks or over heating.
  • A J2ME cellphone application for image analysis for use in the roasting process in the coffee industry. This was ultimately dropped as the cellphones at the time didn't have enough image quality to do serious image analysis. It was ported to a C# WinForms application and an industrial strength camera. This system was patented (WO2010080016).


Hermosillo, Sonora
ebobby AT ebobby.org


  • EnglishProfessional working proficiency
  • SpanishNative or bilingual proficiency

Relevant Skills

Common Lisp
Embedded Systems
Ruby on Rails
Software Engineering


  • 2001 2005

    Universidad de Sonora

    B. C. Computer Science


Francisco, aka Bobby, was a key contributor to some of our biggest projects (and solved some of the hardest problems) on the backend team at CareZone. If a DB query is slow or some operation just seems to be taking longer than it should, Bobby is your man to jump in and investigate — and to teach others how to drive the investigation for the next time around.
One thing I really love about Bobby is that even when he's working with high-level languages and frameworks (e.g. Ruby/Rails), he deeply understands the internals of the system and that knowledge drives better architectural decisions. And I also truly appreciate his positive attitude and great sense of humor. Bobby is great!

I worked with Bobby while at CareZone. He's passionate about his work, appropriately opinionated, and gets sh*t done. Plus, he's a stand up guy to boot; I'd work with him any time. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

I’ve seen Francisco go above and beyond in researching the best solution for a problem that other think is very complicated, I don't know how he does it but he always comes back with an elegant, performant and scalable solution. If you want to work with someone that know how to dive deep into code, or understand the business at a high level Francisco will be you man.

Francisco is a great guy, very smart and productive, he knows his tools and is always up to date with technology He's reliable and always delivers on time. Very sociable and has great experience on the field

Francisco's one of the best developers I've had the chance to work with. He has a great breadth of experience from embedded development to web programming, and yet still has a surprising depth of knowledge in many areas. Furthermore, I've seen him pick up and use new tools well with frightening speed. If the opportunity is available to you, hire the heck out of him.

Francisco is the kind of software engineer that others aspire to be. He is diligent, experienced, curious, forth-right, and tenacious. In the short time I worked with Francisco, I was amazed by his ability to jump into a pool of unknowns, and deliver a spacecraft in just a few short months, especially considering the fact that he had never worked in aerospace before.

Francisco is a highly skilled developer always one step ahead, very product oriented and always focusing on finding solutions that will work in the long run. Working with Francisco helped me grow professionally and personally. He always concentrates on creating scalable solutions and looks forward to build an strong and integrated team

Francisco loves software development and demonstrate passion for work, he's eager to learn new things, leadership and technical skills level makes him the kind of professional you would like to have in your team.

Francisco is a very good problem-solving developer with a lot of experience.

Currently playing with

Computer Graphics